BoDeans Baking Group manufactures its novelty wafers in a state-of-the-art 92,000 square foot manufacturing facility built in 2006 exclusively for the production of wafers. The plant has the capacity to produce more than 1.5 billion wafers per year.

BoDeans Factory

Product Specifications

Our novelty wafers are produced with a fully-automated mixing equipment utilizing loss and weight technology designed for pharmaceutical accuracy. We use the most advanced technology for sheeting, baking and packaging systems, and have implemented a fully integrated quality system using SPC programs and testing equipment to ensure compliance with product specifications. These specifications include:

  • Consistent dimensions
  • No warping/checking and minimal breakage
  • Reliable strength, resulting in reduced waste
  • Uniform color
  • Consistent texture and favorable mouthfeel
  • Excellent taste complimenting all ice cream flavors

Flavor Profiles

  • Chocolate – milk chocolate and dark chocolate
  • Vanilla – light and dark
  • No Sugar Added (NSA)
  • All natural
  • Whole wheat
  • Trans-fat free
  • No tropical oils
  • Kosher – parve and circle U
  • Customized formulations to match flavor profile

Size Ranges and Embossed Logos

  • A 4.73" x 1.78 Rectangle
  • B 4.73" x 1.59 Rectangle
  • C 5.03" x 1.88 Rectangle
  • D 3.50" x 1.50" Mini Rectangle
  • E 3.50" x 2.0" Mini Rectangle
  • 2.625” x 2.625” Square
  • 2.75" x 2.75" Square
  • 2.00" x 2.00" Mini Square
  • 3.00" 3.00" Round Scalloped
  • 2.88" x 2.88" Round Scalloped
  • Customized solutions available


Our Manufacturing Process

BoDeans Baking Group's manufacturing plant uses the most technologically advanced equipment to produce consistent, quality products.


Filler Options

Filler Options

BoDeans Baking Group offers several different wafer-filling vendors providing a variety of options and flexible placement programs. Maintenance/service programs also are available. BoDeans will work with your choice of vendor and customize a placement program to meet your needs. Contact a BoDeans sales representative to discuss a filler program tailored to your needs.