BoDeans offers a premium line of inclusions, crunches and cone pieces.

Our waffle pieces and cookies & crème work well as toppings on sundaes or splits and as inclusions for shakes and ice cream. BoDeans crunch product is a fantastic coating for ice cream bars. In addition, it can be used to make layers for ice cream cakes. We manufacture our products with state-of-the-art machinery and use only high quality ingredients. Your customers will be able to taste the quality behind every BoDeans product! Our R&D department can match your current inclusion and crunch specifications, or help you develop a new flavor. Trans-fat free, low-fat and dairy free options are available.

Crunch flavors: Chocolate/ Vanilla Blend, Vanilla/ Strawberry Blend and Cookies ‘n Crème and more!

Waffle Piece flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cherry, and more!

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Waffle Crumbs and Cookies & crème ice cream cake with chocolate crunch layer